Rules for accrediting media representatives to the Global Technology Leadership Forum:
  1. General Provisions

    1. Accreditation of representatives of the media (hereinafter - the media) The Global Technology Leadership Forum (hereinafter referred to as the Forum) is held in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Mass Media” and these Rules in order to streamline the work of media representatives at Forum events.

    2. Accreditation of media representatives is required to work at all Forum events.

    3. In carrying out professional activities, media representatives are obliged to respect the rights and legitimate interests of participants and staff of the Forum and comply with generally recognized ethical standards.

  2. Media Accreditation

    1. Accreditation Procedure

      Both Russian and foreign media representatives can submit a registration application for participation in the Forum, while:

      • Russian media organizations must be registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (hereinafter referred to as Roskomnadzor);
      • Foreign media representatives:
        • in case of permanent work in the territory of the Russian Federation, they must be accredited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia;
        • in the absence of accreditation with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in addition to the application on the official website, it is necessary to apply for temporary accreditation to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    2. The procedure for submitting and considering applications for accreditation

      Media representatives who wish to participate in the coverage of the Forum events submit an application for accreditation (hereinafter referred to as the application) through the media accreditation form on the official website of the Forum.

    3. Procedure for issuing accreditation badges to media representatives

      Media representatives receive accreditation badges subject to approval of the application by the Media Directorate and the Forum’s information partnership. Issuance of accreditation badges is carried out at the Forum venue in the points of accreditation of the media.

      Accreditation badges can be issued only if there is confirmed accreditation in the Forum database, as well as upon presentation of a passport (the passport number must match the number indicated in the registration form).

      Additionally, the following documents may be requested:

      • representatives of the Russian media have an editorial certificate;
      • representatives of foreign media have an accreditation card of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

      The badge is registered; transferring it during the Forum to third parties is prohibited. The badge must be worn in a conspicuous place throughout the entire stay at the Forum venue. If the accreditation badge is lost, lost, stolen, the media representative must immediately report it to any information desk. A lost badge will be blocked.

      Accreditation does not imply attendance at events requiring special invitations.

  3. Denial of Accreditation

    1. Forum Media and Information Partnership Directorate has the right to refuse accreditation:

      • non-media representatives;
      • media representatives specializing in publications of a purely advertising, reference or highly specialized topics that are not relevant to the topic of the Forum, with the exception of industry publications.

      The Forum Media and Information Partnership Directorate reserves the right to refuse accreditation without explanation.

  4. Rights and obligations of media representatives accredited to the Forum

    1. A media representative accredited to the Forum has the right to:

      • use all services specifically designed for the work of journalists and press officers;
      • receive information about official events and exhibitions of the Forum (press releases, business program, etc.);
      • Participate in press conferences, briefings and other press events.
    2. A media representative accredited to the Forum has the right to:

      • to satisfy the requests of the persons who provided the information to indicate its source;
      • when receiving information from citizens and officials put them Notification of audio and video recording, film and photography;
      • when carrying out professional activities, present, upon request, a badge or other document proving the identity and authority of the journalist;
      • not to use their professional capabilities in order to conceal information or falsify socially significant information, collect information in favor of an unauthorized person or organization that is not a media outlet;
      • to suspend (stop) photo / video filming at the request of representatives of the Forum security service;
      • not to distribute printed materials on the territory of the Forum without coordination with the Directorate of Media and Information Partnership of the Forum;
      • when using official information and quoting the statements of the Forum participants, follow the “Mention Policy” of the Forum, namely: the finished materials should contain a mention of the Forum and the source of the information received; making any changes, additions or distortions to the copied (quoted) information is not allowed.