Technological solutions to meet the needs of companies. Design pitch sessions of companies with universities

06 December
17:00 - 19:00
Gamma Hall

More and more Russian companies realize that in order to compete in the modern market, it is necessary to focus on the markets of the future, use modern technologies and advanced solutions in their production, and open new niches for their own development. Such companies increasingly have requests for solving a particular production problem, developing the necessary technology.

The possible implementation of solutions in the areas of SQUOT formed in the NTI Competence Centers and leading universities of the Russian Federation will allow companies to take a stable place in global markets. But this requires substantial work to integrate the needs of companies and proposals for technological solutions from universities and scientific organizations of the Russian Federation.

 The event will include:

  • Presentations of the experience of companies and universities;
  • Networking between companies and representatives of universities and research organizations;
  • A discussion platform between industry representatives to discuss issues of interaction between companies and universities.

Questions for discussion:

  • What tools exist for building interactions between universities and companies?
  • How to speed up the search for potential performers (universities, research organizations)?
  • What problems does the company face when interacting with universities and research organizations, how to solve them?
  • Роль проектных офисов при взаимодействии с бизнесом и реализации проектов для индустрии.

Forum speakers

  • Alexey Beloshchitsky, VDeputy Head of the Central Scientific and Research Institute for Scientific and Technical Information in the direction of "Technology for storing and analyzing big data" on the basis of Moscow State University Lomonosov
  • Konstantin Belyakov , Advisor to the administration, TSU
  • Alexey Borovkov, Vice-Rector for Prospective Projects, Head of the Center for Scientific and Technical Research, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great
  • Galina Dobryakova, founder of ireg rights management system
  • Ilya Kiryushkin, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Innovations, Schneider Electric
  • Nikolay Kosvintsev, Head of the STI Ecosystem in the Perm Territory at the Investment Development Agency of the Perm Territory
  • Oleg Lavrov, Chairman of the Management Board, KM-Alliance
  • Oleg Mansurov, CEO, Aktum
  • Nikolay Mantsevich, JSC “Science and Innovation” (SC “Rosatom”)
  • Alexander Morozov, managing partner of the Territory ecosystem and accelerator
  • Julia Petrova, Director of the Institute of Natural and Technical Sciences, SurGU
  • Dmitry Prokofiev, Deputy Director for Development, School of Engineering Entrepreneurship, TPU
  • Sergey Troostyansky, Deputy Head of the Center for Competence of NTI in the field of "Technology for Storage and Analysis of Big Data" based on Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • lexander Zazhigalkin, Head of the Center for Innovative Development of JSC Russian Railways