Round Up. Technology support

05 December
12:30 - 14:00
Sigma Hall

Is the availability of a promising idea really the basis to apply for its financing? Presently, there are many tools in the innovation ecosystem for financial and non-financial support for technology entrepreneurs. In which case would an industrial partner be better than a financial partner? And what are the requirements for innovative projects today?

An open dialogue between recipients of support and development institutions on existing tools for the development of the technology business, efficiency, accessibility and relevance.


  • Ilya Kurmyshev, Director for Development of NTI Markets, RVC JSC

Forum speakers

  • Nikita Golubev, Project Director of ASI
  • Stanislav Kolesnichenko, Ecosystem Development Director, Skolkovo Venture Investments
  • Bogdan Plahotnikov , Head of Industrial Policy Department, Industrial Development Fund
  • Dmitry Politov, Senior Vice President of VEB Ventures