Round table “Combining the possibilities of HealthNet, NeuroNet and SafeNet for healthcare development”

07 December
09:30 - 12:00
Delta Hall

No one can invest in healthcare as much as it currently requires: Helsnet and Neuronet combine opportunities to change the situation.

There is currently a request to optimize healthcare costs worldwide.

  • How, using big data and digital technologies, to influence and make a difference?
  • How to optimize the processes of formation of verified data banks and form an industry for combining disparate clinical trials and research groups on common sites for exchanging datasets?
  • How to intensify the processes of biobank formation as a tool for collecting clinical information, searching for new targets and markers, studying the mechanisms of development of pathological processes, testing scientific hypotheses?

Forum speakers

  • Maria Galyamova , Director, NP Sibbiomed
  • Ruslan Permyakov , Head of the Department for Interaction with Federal Development Institutions, Academpark