Master class “Privacy in the digital world”

07 December
12:45 - 15:00
Delta Hall

Today, information about users is collected almost everywhere, methods of processing big data and predictive analytics allow me to predict on this information, and in some cases to influence human behavior. Today, the privacy zone is rapidly shrinking, for example, on the basis of activities on social networks, you can determine the sexual orientation of the user, and on the basis of purchases, highlight some health features. However, privacy is one of the most important human rights. Privacy issues became relevant during the time of the technological revolution, the destruction of privacy was and remains one of the most effective ways to destroy the identity of dictatorial regimes.

Questions for discussion:

  • How to find a balance between the interests of the state, business, personality?
  • Are we ready to abandon privacy in favor of convenience and delegate decision-making regarding our lives to third parties?

Forum speakers

  • Ruslan Permyakov, Head of the Office for Interaction with Federal Development Institutions, Academpark