Human Capital. Creating New Leaders.

05 December
12:30 - 14:00
Plenary Hall
In a fierce struggle for technology companies and personnel in the international arena, the state faces a strategically important task - to grow technology leaders and keep them in the country. This task is even more acute at the regional level: the regions have to compete for talents not only and not so much with high-tech international companies as with Moscow and St. Petersburg, where traditionally and first of all brainpower drain.

Questions for discussion:

  • How to make attraction points or at least retention points from regions, but not donors of personnel?
  • In what kind of environment are technology leaders born and how to create it?
  • How to stop the outflow of high-tech personnel from the regions?
  • What resources can the region rely on and what tools to use?
  • How to work with talents so that they become a strong community?
  • What government projects and initiatives do regions need?


  • Natalia Smelkova, director of the center for support of projects for the development of talents of NTI, RVC

Forum speakers:

  • Mikhail Antonov, Deputy General Director - Director for Development of Innovative Infrastructure of RVC
  • Maxim Kolesnikov, Minister of Economic Development of Perm Region
  • Elena Romanova, CEO of the Rostec Academy
  • Evgenia Serebryakova, Minister of Education of the Novgorod Region
  • Anna Yanchevskaya, President of the AFK Sistema Charitable Foundation
  • Dmitry Zemtsov, Vice-Rector for Development, FGAO UVO “Far Eastern Federal University” (FEFU), leader of the NTI working group on the development of additional and non-formal education “Circle movement”