05 December
12:30 - 14:00
Alfa Hall

An open forum for dialogue between venture funds and technology teams at an early stage of the project and R&D.

Universities and novice technological projects at early stages do not always understand what opportunities venture funds have, what criteria investors set for DeepTech projects and what mechanisms of interaction with venture funds exist. At the forum venue, venture investors will tell representatives of universities, technical entrepreneurs, technology teams the following:

Questions for discussion:

  • What tools exist to finance DeepTech technology;
  • What are the special requirements for such technologies;
  • Are there any successful DeepTech technology financing cases?
  • About potential areas of cooperation.


  • Natalya Ababiy, WINbd expert, EdTech project manager, Open Innovations
  • Veniamin Kizeev, WINbd Project and Innovation Management Expert, Partner at Open Innovations Management Company

Forum speakers

  • Konstantin Belyakov, Advisor to the administration of NI TSU
  • Evgeny Borisov, Kama Flow partner, managing director of NTI Venture Fund
  • Ilya Kiryushkin, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Innovations, Schneider Electric
  • Pavel Mazitov,Partner of TerraVC
  • Vadim Tarasov, Partner of TUS Asset Management