Activities of the NTI working groups.
Expert session of centers of competence and working groups of the NTI markets

07 December
09:30 - 15:00
Alpha Hall

Expert session of teams of centers of competence, working groups of NTI, industrial partners and development institutions on existing and new project support tools (global unicorns) in introducing the product to the Southeast Asian market.

Study of the option of creating a “Boiling Point” in Singapore (center for the promotion of Russian unicorns in Southeast Asia): what it should (and should not) be, the “contribution” of the session participants to its creation, the expected results for both teams of cooperation projects and for development institutions.

Questions for discussion:

  • Discussion of real cases, positive and accumulated errors, working and “not so” support measures, strategies for embedding in value chains with the product “developed in Russia” with an emphasis on the region of Southeast Asia.


  • Dmitry Kholkin,Director, Energy Infrastructure Center
  • Yuri Vasiliev, Executive Director, Institute of Arctic Technologies, MIPT