Plenary discussion “Leaders of technological breakthrough”

06 December
09:30 - 11:00
Plenary Hall

Russia directly declares the ambitions of a global technology leadership. A variety of players are involved in the process of economy transformation and forced innovation development. How is the transition to high-tech types of production supported and stimulated? What steps on the part of the state and development institutions really contribute to the acceleration of scientific and technological development? What are the mutual expectations of the state and the largest companies in the country, why are the hopes and responsibility for the development of high-tech areas laid particular on them?

Questions for discussion:

  • The technological policy of Russia, the lessons of the first years of technological breakthrough.
  • Government support measures demanded by corporations for the development of high-tech trends.
  • Role of corporations in the development of end-to-end technologies, what should the state expect from “holders” of trends.
  • Ways to bridge the main gaps that impede the scientific and technological development of Russia.
  • Mechanisms to stimulate breakthroughs in technology in response to global technological challenges.


  • Ilya Kopelevich, Chief Editor of Business FM
  • Alexander Povalko, General Director of RVC

Forum speakers

  • Maxim Akimov , Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
  • Vasily Brovko , Director for Special Assignments, Rostec Group of Companies
  • Boris Glazkov , Vice President, Rostelecom
  • Sergey Khramagin , General Director, GTLK
  • Sergey Kobzev , Deputy General Director, Chief Engineer, Russian Railways
  • Alexey Kornya , President, MTS
  • Boris Kovalenkov , General Director, ChelPipe
  • Alexander Vedyakhin , First Deputy Chairman of the Board, Sberbank