Closeout session “Rating of the roadmaps readiness and sufficiency of the development institutions’ mandates” (Closed - only for participants in roadmap stress tests)

07 December
16:00 - 17:00

The Government of the Russian Federation entered into an agreement of intent with leading technology companies providing state participation on development of certain high-tech areas. Within the closeout session framework, the results on the roadmaps’ readiness for the development of high-tech industries will be summarized and feedback will be received, recommendations will be given on their finalization, and the possibilities of eliminating barriers to achieve their goals will be evaluated.

Questions for discussion:

  • Rating of roadmaps for maps of high-tech areas
  • Assessment of the sufficiency of existing support measures and development institution mandates
  • Expectations for the attainability of goals 2024. Potentially possible risks and barriers in the development and implementation of roadmaps
  • Models for creating consortia to implement the task assigned: how high-tech market players can find themselves in the implementation of roadmaps. What are the challenges faced by all participants? And what is success measured in?


  • Vladimir Knyaginin, Vice Governor, Government of St. Petersburg

Forum speakers

  • Maksim Akimov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
  • Andrey Belousov, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation
  • Vasily Brovko, Director for Special Assignments of Rostec Group of Companies
  • Boris Glazkov, Vice President of Rostelecom
  • Sergey Kobzev,, Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of Russian Railways
  • Evgeny Kovnir, General Director of ANO Digital Economy
  • Dmitry Peskov, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on Digital and Technological Development
  • Alexander Povalko, General Director of RVC
  • Oksana Tarasenko , Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
  • Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Board