The exhibition is a space of Russian high-tech solutions that have the potential to respond to the challenges of global transformation.
Innovation Foundation Exposition

Exhibitors are winners of the Development-NTI contest held by the Innovation Promotion Fund. This competition is aimed at supporting the implementation of action plans of the National Technological Initiative (STI roadmaps). The companies will present their developments on 8 approved roadmaps: Aeronet, Avtonet, Neuronet, Energetinet, Marinet, Helsnet, Tekhnet and Circle movement.

Perm region. NTI Ecosystem for Rhino Companies

Within the framework of the forum, the region will present projects and companies in five STI markets (Tekhnet, Helsnet, Neuronet, Avtonet, Energy), products of the innovative territorial cluster of fiber optic technologies Photonika as an example of the use of end-to-end technology Photonics. " The booth will feature the ecosystem of STI in the region, support structures and services that promote the growth of technological «rhino companies» (the revenue of such companies is more than 500 million rubles). All the companies announced at the stand of the region either have already received support from the NTI or are applying for funds from the NTI funds.

The «Road Map» of the STI of the Perm Territory was signed on February 14, 2019. In less than a year of implementation, NTI’s project office in the Perm Territory, technology companies in the region and innovation support structures managed to show significant results and form a portfolio of tools to support regional technology startups and companies.

According to the results of almost 10 months of work within the framework of the NTI’s roadmap, a total of 45 «candidate NTI» companies were identified with a total revenue of 6.6 billion rubles. The key target indicator «Number of projects declared to the STI funds» was exceeded more than three times: a total of 18 projects were submitted with an initial plan of five.

On September 27, 2019, a boiling point «Boiling Point» was opened in Perm, a space for working on projects in the field of high technology and IT. In total, within the framework of the opening of the «Boiling Point», 12 educational tracks were held, over a thousand people visited them.

Scheme of the exhibition

1st floor
2nd floor


Exposition “Perm Territory. Ecosystem NTI
1st floor
1 Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Group of Companies
Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Group of Companies
1st floor

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Group of Companies is a manufacturing and engineering consortium formed to jointly implement a comprehensive project to develop and market industrial equipment for hybrid additive technology. Russian machining centers for complex additive surfacing - a new generation of high-performance equipment for additive manufacturing allowing to produce large-sized workpieces and metal large and medium finished parts grown by hybrid additive surfacing using metal wire. The machining centers combine high-performance additive surfacing, strain hardening and power machining. The equipment uses unique plasma torches of its own design, as well as its own methods and modes of surfacing, including those that have no analogues. Advantages over traditional technologies: removes the limitations of large casting production and improves quality a significant reduction in time and material costs (up to 30 times) for the manufacture of large-sized blanks a significant increase in the utilization of the material (up to 5 or more times) no need for the production of expensive foundry and die tools Advantages over additive technologies: high mechanical properties - the microstructure of the material after surfacing and forging is close to the structure of rolled products, low porosity the possibility of manufacturing large parts up to 10 and more meters high deposition rate (up to 30 kg / h) a wide range of wire materials with lower cost and affordability compared to powder materials lack of technology flaws using expensive powder material: high cost, irreparable loss, special requirements for providing a protective environment and safety

2 Industrial Cybernetics LLC
Industrial Cybernetics LLC
1st floor

Industrial Cybernetics LLC provides industrial automation solutions aimed at making production safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The project of the company "PROMKIBER" - computer simulators, virtual and augmented reality in production: — Advanced process control systems; — Big data analysis, machine learning, recognition and prediction of situations; — decision support systems; — industrial cybersecurity

3 Innovative Territorial Cluster of Fiber Optic Technologies "Photonics"
Innovative Territorial Cluster of Fiber Optic Technologies
1st floor

The innovative territorial cluster Photonica was created with the aim of developing and introducing modern photonics and optoelectronic instrument manufacturing products on the market. Photonica Cluster has 48 members: ● 16 manufacturing enterprises, ● 12 educational and scientific institutions, including three research institutes (PSNIU, PNIPU, HSE), ● 8 research institutes and design bureaus; ● service and non-profit companies. Anchor enterprise of the cluster - PJSC Perm Scientific-Production Instrument-Making Company (PJSC PNPPK). The membership of the cluster implements at the global level a complete chain of creation and distribution of innovative products in the field of photonics:

1st floor

MBKI JSC will present the AWTOR project - a hybrid intelligent system including predictive analytics, decision-making systems and simulation modeling for solving various technical and technological problems. It uses statistics, descriptive predicative tools and optimization tools based on artificial intelligence methods with the ultimate goal of finding the optimal solution to a technical or technological problem at the request of the client. MBKI CJSC was established in the interests of:
inventors, researchers and developers of new products, technical solutions and technologies interested in the commercialization of their invention; intellectual property rights holders interested in expanding their business; investors are interested in creating new markets for high-tech products.

1st floor

EVOFOOD LLC is a manufacturer of natural, tasty and healthy ingredients for food production of healthy nutrition, sports nutrition, vegan nutrition. The company produces a wide variety of vegetable proteins and ultra fine powders from vegetables and berries.

6 LLC "Infocus"
1st floor

The company "INFOCUS" is a system integrator in the field of innovative research and production technologies, provides comprehensive engineering services and the supply of high-tech equipment for industrial enterprises, laboratories, research centers and educational institutions. The company is engaged in the creation of equipment for processing complex parts, created using additive technologies. The technology used for this will significantly reduce the surface roughness of the part after processing, which will provide the opportunity to introduce additive technologies in industries where previously they were not applicable.

7 LLC "INSIGHT management"
1st floor

INSYTE - Russian manufacturer of smart home systems since 2001. The company produces equipment for the creation of "smart homes" and building automation in the Perm Territory. The company has more than 500 representative offices in Russia and the CIS. The central office is located in the city of Perm. The company carries out a full cycle of development, production and sale, produces more than 50 types of products, has a customer support service. Over 18 years of work, more than 10,000 projects of varying complexity have been implemented, from small apartments to huge cottages and high-rise hotels. The company's products are included in the Register of innovative products, technologies and services recommended for use in the Russian Federation, as well as in the list of high-tech products and technologies of the Government of Moscow. The equipment is manufactured on the most modern lines of Siemens, Universal Instruments, Hitachi. In the manufacture of components are used only the best world manufacturers. The production is certified by GOST RV 15.002–2003 and GOST R ISO 9001–2001.

8 LLC "IT Electronics"
1st floor

IT Electronics is an enterprise that creates world-class high-tech products in various fields: electronics, instrumentation, information technology and telecommunications. The company works on the principle of a “single window”, providing a full cycle: from writing technical specifications and developing a product or application program to delivering components and organizing the production of turnkey products The company's product “GYROCOM” terminal of high-precision continuous autonomous navigation is designed for positioning, monitoring rolls / flips / accidents, etc. events, as well as tracking external physical effects on the vehicle and its movement surface. It also allows you to navigate objects without using information from external sources. Autonomous navigation is made possible by the use of the following sensors, depending on the scope of the objects (ground, air, surface or underwater): a block of inertial sensors that together form a strapdown inertial navigation system, a travel sensor, a Doppler sonar lag and a satellite navigation receiver.

9 LLC "NEES-Wind"
1st floor

NEES-Veter LLC is engaged in the development and production of vertically axial F-Darier generators. Startups of the company: 1. The production technology of composite composite structures; 2. Superhydrophobic properties of the polyester gelcoat; 3. Low speed multiphase generator; 4. The system of adaptive stabilization of the rotor speed. The company will present its product at the forum. Wind turbines VEU-1000 - Distributed microgeneration and autonomous power supply systems for cellular repeaters, repeaters, signal amplifiers and other telecommunication systems, as well as systems integrated with artificial intelligence, such as “smart home” and “smart city”

10 LLC “F2 Innovation”
LLC “F2 Innovation”
1st floor

LLC F2 Innovations, a Skolkovo resident company, is engaged in additive technologies, in particular FDM 3D printing. The company is developing all kinds of industrial 3D printers and systems for "growing" products. The FDM 2.0 product is a high-temperature extruder for 3D printing with high-temperature plastics, metals and composite materials. The extruder can be used in various industries for the production of end products from composite materials or high-temperature engineering plastics

11 LLC “Fort Telecom”
LLC “Fort Telecom”
1st floor

Fort Telecom is one of the strongest Russian companies developing hardware and software. The company carries out work in several directions at once: equipment for building IP-video surveillance networks, solutions in the field of M2 M-technologies, including GLONASS / GPS transport monitoring systems, car emergency call systems, as well as V2X equipment, for organizing a data network between cars , including unmanned, and road infrastructure. Our company has been represented on the market since 2007 and has extensive experience both in Russia and in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and the Persian Gulf. Fort Telecom has been exporting its products to other countries for more than 3 years, at the moment - to 26 countries of the world. The company will present 2 of its developments at the exhibition: 1) ERA-GLONASS equipment FORT −112EG is a terminal that meets the requirements of the ERA-GLONASS system and is used as standard equipment by car manufacturers. BIP M1 is a compact version of the user interface unit for equipping cars with ERA-GLONASS equipment. The device has a built-in microphone, an echo cancellation function and an emergency call button with protection against accidental pressing. 2) V2X equipment TEDIX-R1 - the first RSU (Telecommunication Element of Road Infrastructure) V2X fully Russian production

12 LLC Biogenom
LLC Biogenom
1st floor

Biogen has been operating in the healthcare digitalization market since 2014. Currently, Biogenom LLC has created a multifunctional medical platform BioGenom 2.0, including the BioGenom 1.0 database, a repository of ontological knowledge bases for various nosologies, a reasoning mechanism and an explanation of the results. The platform is developed on the basis of the integration of artificial intelligence technologies: Text and Data Mining, machine learning and ontological engineering with the aim of enriching MIS with new intellectual capabilities for structuring and entering data, generating recommendations, explanations and integrating existing MISs on the basis of seamless embedding. The main activities of the company: 1. Obtaining big data in health care by structuring disparate medical data stored in both paper and electronic forms. Application of the obtained Big Data will allow performing visual analytics of the data, increasing the manageability of the healthcare system, predicting the development of socially significant diseases, implementing automated monitoring of the implementation of clinical recommendations for medical care, etc. 2. Development of medical decision support systems based on clinical recommendations and other regulatory documents of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Implementation of BioGenom DSSP will ensure automatic compliance with current clinical recommendations, increase the efficiency of patient routing, reduce the queue and time for patients to wait for a free appointment with a doctor, and improve the quality of medical care.

13 LLC Gourekrut
LLC Gourekrut
1st floor

The company GoRecrut specializes in the development of artificial intelligence systems for HR services supporting the adoption of personnel decisions based on data analysis from open sources and social networks. The company is a resident of Skolkovo.
The Artificial Intelligence for HR project offers a new way to evaluate job applicants. The GoRecruit artificial intelligence system, in the form of a convenient Internet service, will help you make personnel decisions based on data analysis from social networks. To select applicants for an interview, you don’t have to spend several hours processing and analyzing the data, you will receive comprehensive information with recommendations immediately after authorizing the applicant in the GoRecruit system. This approach will make access to your vacancies more open, eliminate the human factor when hiring, and also reduce personnel costs by optimizing routine work.

14 LLC NPO GalileoSky
LLC NPO GalileoSky
1st floor

NPO GalileoSky LLC developer of Easy Logic system - technology for independent programming of terminal functionality, simplifying the implementation of transport monitoring systems

15 LLC Nyuvizhin
LLC Nyuvizhin
1st floor

Nyuvizhin LLC develops and implements solutions based on intelligent video analytics. All the proposed solutions are based on a person’s own video-profiling technology - the diagnosis of behavioral models using a video stream. The technology is a combination of several software solutions of the Neuronet direction: biometric detection of human behavioral signs, biometric detection of human emotional states, bigdata analysis. The company offers the following solutions: — express diagnostic system for solving HR problems (implemented as part of the modernization of the Employment Service of the Perm Territory) — Mentalist sales support system — The system of socio-psychological monitoring of students “Smart and safe school” The project of the company “Intelligent social capital management platform of the company” combines all the components of the company's social capital (personnel and social relations) on a single platform with an open API, which will provide an opportunity for independent development of applications with the necessary functions and integration with the company's information systems.

16 LLC Parma-Telecom
LLC Parma-Telecom
1st floor

ITPS (Information Technology Professional Solutions) is one of the leading integrated partners for digital transformation of large enterprises based on modern technologies IIoT, Big Data / Smart Data, Predictive Analysis & Optimization, proprietary IT solutions and AVIST digital production platform. For more than 15 years, ITPS Group of Companies has been successfully implementing large-scale strategic projects of digital transformation for enterprises in the fuel and energy complex, gas industry, oilfield services companies, metallurgy, and the chemical and petrochemical industries. Using unique expertise and breakthrough technologies, we are engaged in the development, implementation and maintenance of both standard and proprietary technological solutions that provide our partners with a qualitatively new level of production and business efficiency, increasing labor productivity and production volumes. The key breakthrough solutions of ITPS are Intelligent Field and Intelligent Drilling, an integrated approach to EPC projects and the integrated implementation of corporate systems based on SAP ERP and S / 4 HANA, a system for safe work and environmental monitoring based on biotelemetry using a personal wearable device. As well as the unique Biotelemetry system. A service that allows you to monitor employee health indicators in order to prevent the onset of diseases. This is a completely Russian development, both technologically and intellectually (patented development, intellectual property); It has the largest number of measured parameters and calculated indicators in the world.

17 LLC Promobot
LLC Promobot
1st floor

LLC Promobot is the largest manufacturer of autonomous humanoid robots in Northern and Eastern Europe. Today, several hundred Promobot robots work around the world. Able to increase the financial performance of companies, quality of service and customer loyalty. Promobot company is developing in the field of speech recognition, autonomous navigation, face recognition, computer vision, mechatronics, big data technologies, neural networks and artificial intelligence.
Promobot is a service robot for business. The robot communicates with people, recognizes faces and speech, moves independently, avoiding obstacles. The robot is autonomous - it does not need human control. Promobot connects to any external system: databases, security systems, sites and services. Today 492 Promobot robots work in 34 countries of the world, performing the functions of “live” employees-guides, concierges, consultants, promoters - replacing or supplementing them. Robots can be found at airports, mobile phone and bank branches, shopping and business centers, restaurants, museums, residential complexes.

18 LLC Virtual Production Systems
LLC Virtual Production Systems
1st floor

The company "Virtual Production Systems" provides services for the conversion of underloaded production capacities (resources and technological capabilities) into production services and services with the ability to manage in a unified manner in order to ensure the most complete load of production capacities The Virtual Plant Management project is an aggregator for contract manufacturing and order management, built on the basis of Big Data and Machine Learning

19 Lumline LLC
Lumline LLC
1st floor

The company specializes in fluorescence preparations for molecular imaging. He is a resident of Skolkovo.

Development of a group of contrasting preparations for visualization of tumors «next in class» Intraoperative visualization When visually determining the boundaries of a tumor, it is often not possible to achieve a radical removal of tumor foci, and damage to important structures of perifocal organs can also occur. With «next in class» tumors imaging preparations, a tumor can be seen without special equipment.

The project is based on the synthesis of a hybrid material based on fluorescent particles and targeting molecules. Based on this technology, series have already been developed and tested in vitro and in vivo tests.

The implementation of the project for the development of nanopreparations is being carried out in full swing the level of technical readiness TRL 4 has already been reached.

The product being developed has advantages over competitors.

Compatibility with common equipment — over 70%; Quantum yield — over 55% in the low autofluorescence zone. Photo stability — over 4 hours. Currently, the project is at the preclinical testing stage.

20 Seuslab LLC
Seuslab LLC
1st floor

Since 2012, Seuslab LLC has been creating and implementing software products for information warfare in cyberspace based on Big Data and artificial intelligence technologies.
The SEUS Information Operations Center quickly identifies rumors, fakes and social media topics related to the Customer’s facilities. Calculates who and what is behind it, and builds opposition.
The Center determines whether this is a random product of the “collective mind” of the network, or a planned hostile operation by destructive forces.
As soon as the Center determines that an influence operation (information-psychological attack) has been launched, it launches its own automated processes using the available methods of active information counter-operations.

21 Teleport Rus LLC
Teleport Rus LLC
1st floor

Teleport Rus LLC is developing and commercializing technologies for streaming video over the Internet, peer-to-peer technologies, anti-piracy technologies, big data technologies and blockchain technologies. Teleport Media's project is a peer-to-peer CDN for online television and VOD / OTT services that are interested in an inexpensive, efficient, and scalable CDN. This is an intelligent and secure peer-to-peer content delivery network that allows your viewer's devices to stream video between themselves. To use Teleport Media, just install JavaScript on your website and use the SDK for mobile applications.

22 UNICORN LLC / IntellectStroy LLC
UNICORN LLC / IntellectStroy LLC
1st floor

Unicorn is an innovative company in the market of automation systems for monitoring and managing residential facilities, initially focused on solutions for large federal developers. Unicorn Company, founded in 2015. Developer of software and hardware solutions for home and building management systems. Creation and market launch of solutions that can be applied in the construction of high-rise buildings, housing and communal services, hotel business and for private use - the main specialization of the company. The Ujin project is an integration platform that makes smarter and more comfortable not only a separate apartment and houses, but also a city. Each object is a unique combination of technological functions and services. Smart heating, lighting, ventilation and instrument control systems not only save you time and effort, but also significantly reduce energy and money costs.

Innovation Foundation Exposition
2nd floor
23 Adeptik
2nd floor

Adeptik is a Russian IT company. The main specialization is the development and implementation of information systems using artificial intelligence methods for the effective management of enterprises in real time. The company has developed and is developing the Adeptik technology platform of the same name for calculating optimal plans and schedules, as well as several industry solutions based on it. Solutions on the platform can improve the efficiency of resource use, optimize the execution time of production and logistics operations. The Adeptik platform allows you to quickly build operational management solutions that: — provide information on the current state of resources and tasks using various technologies (including the industrial Internet of things) and integration with other information systems (ERP, BPM, etc. .); — calculate and adjust in real time the plan and schedule of the resources (personnel, equipment, transport, stocks) using multi-agent architecture and algorithms based on the methods of swarm intelligence; — implement the delivery of plans and schedules to final performers, provide monitoring and analysis of their implementation. Solutions built on the Adeptik platform allow you to get a quick approximate result of calculating plans with constant improvement, and also have the ability to speed up calculations by scaling computing resources. Adeptik’s customers are medium and large Russian companies with complex processes of after-sales service, logistics, and industrial production of a discrete type. Currently, the company enters foreign markets. Adeptik company has the statuses: Skolkovo Resident, ASI Project, NTI Project.

24 Cellular Systems LLC
Cellular Systems LLC
2nd floor
Development of a biomedical cell product, production of samples of a biomedical cell product, preclinical studies, production design
25 GK Geoskan
GK Geoskan
2nd floor
The project was completed in 2017 and consisted of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to obtain digital spatial information and create a geoinformation basis for managing the region as part of the National Technology Initiative project. A geodetically accurate 3D model of the Tula region was created on the basis of unmanned aerial photography and GLONASS technology. To use the received materials, a geoportal of the region has been launched. The data allow a comprehensive assessment of the state of land resources in the region.
26 Group of companies "Best"
Group of companies
2nd floor
EAMOptima is an automated system for optimal asset management in energy enterprises, which operates in real time and implemented in the form of integrable software modules.
27 Hobbies Island
Hobbies Island
2nd floor

The FIXAR name itself identifies key, unique product features. Fixed installation angles of rotors and no complicated mechanization! Everything in our product does software, not mechanisms. Fields of application: Agriculture, forestry: Biosecurity, monitoring, forest taxation Aerial photography: wide range of applications, geodesy Logistics and cargo delivery: the last mile, document delivery, air collection Security: Interception of intruder drones Object inspection, monitoring: power lines, pipelines, construction, mining The educational direction of IKS solves the urgent problems of the lack of a methodological basis in education in the field of drones, as well as the training and retraining this sphere. We develop unique techniques that are suitable for: • Preschool, school age children and adolescents • Specialists in the fields of commercial use of drones: agricultural industry, surveying, cartography, monitoring of linear objects, commercial surveys, etc. • Athletes: everything necessary for drone racing • CMITs, Quantoriums, circles, sections and institutions of additional education • Self-study, including by teachers

28 JSC Legion-Avtodata
JSC Legion-Avtodata
2nd floor
The aim of the project is to create a system for predictive diagnosis of vehicle malfunctions during its operation, and to provide proactive data to the car owner about the high probability of a malfunction. A platform will be developed for communication between car owners of different brands and auto diagnostics, with the possibility of transferring vehicle parameters to a specialist, to determine a specific problem and make recommendations, including through individual counseling.
2nd floor

At the first stage, a prototype neuro headset was developed, in which the Neurosky MindWave device was used as a case with silver chloride electrodes, but without an integrated hardware platform. In this prototype device uses one active frontal electrode, which is a contact. On the circuit board of this electrode is a preliminary low-noise amplifier (with a gain of 24) with active noise suppression circuits. The electrode connections to the amplifier board are made with an unshielded cable. It is verified that electromagnetic interference is suppressed by the integrated circuits of the active amplifier. The prototype of the neuro headset had the following composition: gyroscope + accelerometer + magnetometer MPU9250, ADS1299 Texas Instruments analog-to-digital converter, USB-UART converter, Nordic nRF52-DK debug board. For data visualization and preprocessing, fast Fourier transforms were used, which were fed to the input every second and presented as a frequency card (spectrogram), a low-pass bandpass filter was also applied, which cuts frequencies outside the range from 0.5 to 40 Hz. The filtering of the EEG signal was adjusted in the specialized BrainBay software. The filtering of signals for determining the position of the head was adjusted using the Majdvik filter. During the experiment, the following relationships with human activities were identified: — When analyzing the brain activity of a user of the system, blinks that are «noise» are clearly distinguished, however, this parameter can be used as one of the control factors when generating a signal for a robotic platform. — Based on the level of alpha waves, it is also possible to control the platform, however, this signal can be detected only with the eyes of the user of the neuro headset closed. — The alpha signal level is an individual parameter of a person, that is, in exceptional cases, even when the user of the neuro headset is in a relaxed state with his eyes closed, he may not be high enough when forming the control effect of the robotic platform. It may be possible to change it during repeated trainings, but studying this problem was not the aim of the study. At this stage of R&D implementation, the following tasks are performed: — Development of a prototype neuro headset, — Implementation of full functionality (EEG analysis, implementation of API, interaction with an external camera and 3D glasses), — Development of scenarios for using the platform to develop neurotracers and neurointerfaces in neuroconstructor mode and in neurotracer mode.

30 Laboratory of the Future LLC
Laboratory of the Future LLC
2nd floor
Within the framework of the project, an automatic system for maintenance and repair of electric networks based on the Katohodok complex is being developed and put on the market. Laboratory of the Future LLC aims to ensure the Digital transformation of the business processes of the electric grid company in the field of servicing overhead power lines and electrical substations through accurate diagnostic data and the construction of all necessary measures on their basis. The Kanatohod complex is the world's first real-time robotic monitoring and maintenance tool for power lines, combining a flying and wheeled platform, providing: обеспечива the ability to take off near power lines, dock with a wire or lightning cable, move along the wire, carry out contact diagnostics, maintenance, local repair, recharging batteries from power lines;  the best quality monitoring possible, as well as the possibility of remote maintenance and local repair;  improving the quality of controllability, the efficiency of electrical networks in terms of maintenance and technical re-equipment;  safety and the best working conditions for the personnel of network organizations;  improving the efficiency of business processes of the electric grid company. The project is aimed at enterprises of backbone and distribution electric networks, as well as repair and engineering enterprises and industrial consumers, which have in their assets power grid facilities.
31 LLC "InCityLab"
2nd floor
The BTS educational laboratory consists of the stands “Optomechanical visualization of signal coding” and “Narrowly targeted low-energy communication channels” and simulates the operation of signal coding and tracking systems for moving objects and allows you to simulate the behavior of the modulation and coding systems of signals, physical features of signal transmission in real conditions (interference, noise, mutual influence of channels), tracking of moving objects to maintain the quality of communication, 3D prototyping with functional verification of result.
32 LLC "Lorett"
2nd floor

The Lorett X-band satellite information reception and processing complex is designed to receive, demodulate, decode, record and process digital information transmitted from artificial Earth satellites (AES) located in low Earth orbits over X-frequency radio channels in the speed range demodulation 0.2–100 Mbaud. The complex provides automatic recording of data files to a computer disk.

33 LLC "Marlin-South"
2nd floor
The priority area for the use of the created drifting buoy will be the polar and circumpolar regions of the World Ocean for operational hydrometeorological control of the driving atmosphere and water column up to 150 m deep, including under ice.
34 LLC "Neuromatics"
2nd floor
Initially, the project was conceived as the creation of a wakefulness control system for the driver, operator. At the moment, the project is scaled to create a system of psychophysiological monitoring of a person in the process of working activity on a wide range of data.
35 LLC "Skytrack"
2nd floor

STS — SkyTracking Security, a comprehensive security system and intelligent access to a controlled object based on machine learning tools, artificial intelligence, video stream processing tools, providing early warning of threats. The SkyTracking Security Facility Security Platform (STS) was developed during the R&D project with the support of the National Technology Initiative (NTI). A pilot project for testing the Platform at the facility of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation was successfully completed. The platform is built on the basis of Russian technologies, including 10 (Ten) intellectual property objects, including computer programs, industrial designs and 2 (Two) patents for inventions. The STS platform is included in the Smart City decision bank by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation. SkyTracking Transport Security (STTS) is a comprehensive transport security system that allows real-time automated, non-contact, continuous monitoring of the driver, the technical condition of the vehicle, as well as visualization of key events (incidents) and aggregated data on indicators of transport risks in the operator’s portal transport company. The Skytracking Transport Security Platform (STTS) was developed under the auspices of the «Agency for Strategic Initiatives» in accordance with paragraph 3 of the list of Orders of the President of the Russian Federation following a meeting with members of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 19, 2017 No. Pr-1517 to the Government of the Russian Federation together with ANO Agency Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects «, in which it was instructed to work out the issue and submit proposals on the use of drivers engaged in the carriage of passengers with motor vehicles equipped for transportation b Lee eight people, special technical means to prevent the loss of attention and concentration. A patent for an invention was filed for the STTS Transport Safety System (Patent No. 2684484 «Method and cognitive system for video analysis, monitoring, monitoring the status of the driver and the vehicle in real time» from 04/09/2019). The system has successfully passed pilot tests at public transport enterprises of Veliky Novgorod, Orenburg and at transport enterprises in Moscow. The results of pilot projects showed that the development and further implementation of the System based on artificial intelligence and location technology will significantly reduce the risks of accidents in public transport and in the field of freight transportation, as well as the risks of terrorist threats associated with the use of large vehicles.

2nd floor
The problem to be solved: the generation and storage devices presented on the market today have various electrical output parameters and characteristics. In addition, generation based on renewable energy sources depends on weather, climate and other external factors. Therefore, the dynamics of consumption and generation require coordination at different time intervals. Solution: The Energohab device provides an intelligent process of managing the primary power balance for various types of generators and storage devices in a digital network with an open architecture.
2nd floor
Designed for accelerated rehabilitation after a stroke, injuries of the musculoskeletal system
38 Neurocorpus
2nd floor
Recognition technologies for patterns of behavior and states of people based on neural networks.
39 OKB ATM Cargo Drones LLC
OKB ATM Cargo Drones LLC
2nd floor
The concept of a new model of a flying motorcycle Hoversurf with impellers
40 Power Electronics LLC
Power Electronics LLC
2nd floor

The mobile charging station is designed to quickly charge electric vehicles of almost any production powered by a standard three-phase AC network or from a slow charge station. The charging time of an electric vehicle with an energy capacity of 24 kW * h (for example Nissan Leaf) is half an hour.

41 R-sensors
2nd floor
Development of broadband seismic and acoustic sensors for marine seismic exploration
2nd floor
The OrbiCraft Pro satellite kit is a design kit of electronic and mechanical parts for the manual assembly of a small satellite in the CubeSat format. The device assembled by means of OrbiCraft Pro can function both as a laboratory prototype for educational purposes and in space in Earth orbits as a CubeSat satellite for scientific purposes. The kit is intended for students studying the basics of designing, manufacturing, assembling, testing and operating spacecraft.
43 ServiceSoft Engineering TulGu LLC
ServiceSoft Engineering TulGu LLC
2nd floor

— Module for remote diagnostics of wires of 110 kV overhead lines. — Stationary diagnosis module T.P. / RP 110kV. — Remote monitoring software MonitorEnergy — Hardware-software complex for remote diagnostics of switchgears.

44 Software Center
Software Center
2nd floor
Development of a precision control system for agricultural operations using unmanned aerial systems